Cosmetology & Barber Convention & Expo of Central California

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The first ever Cosmetology & Barber Expo is coming to the Big Fresno Fair, February 24 & 25, 2018.

The Expo will feature appearances by Celebrity Hair Stylist & Barber JUSTIN THOMAS, Global Award Winning Makeup Artist ADAMME ARTISTRY including a full Expo filled with Industry related vendors & local businesses.  

The popularity of the Cosmetology & Barbering industry is at an all time high thanks to the world of social media and worldwide consumers.

Millions of people watch Cosmetology Tutorials on a variety of video sites and are fascinated by Barber Photos that feature the before and after, behind the scenes and finished products of hair cuts on a daily basis.

“Cosmetologists are the new celebrities”, said Joey Perez, Founder/CEO of J-Live Entertainment.

Perez & J-Live Entertainment introduced the Central Valley Barber Battle back in 2015 and since then have produced 6 events in 2 years, most recently at the Big Fresno Fair this past October in front of thousands of fairgoers.

The Central Valley Barber Battle event features Barbers from all over the state of California, out of state and of course Central Valley professionals and students battling out on stage to see who has the best Fade, Taper, Combover or Creative cut.

The winners are awarded with the prestigious Central Valley Barber Battle Championship Belts, trophies and certificates.

“I would look at pictures online of our former champions and see that they had framed their championship belt for all customers to see. At that point I knew that we were on to something. This was more than just a regular talent competition. This was bragging rights, this was an accomplishment and award that you couldn’t add a value to, to be the best”, said Perez.

Additionally, Perez would get calls from Cosmetology companies to book a vendor booth at the event so they could sale hair gel, or combs, or products related to Cosmetologists including clothing and more. Perez also noticed that more and more Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists started attending the events. Many of the spectators demanded more battles and more Cosmetology related events.

Live Demonstrations are scheduled to take place on the main stage by MUD Makeup, Federico College, Forever Adored, Braiders & Barbers United and more. 

J-Live Entertainment decided to answer those demands and create an annual Expo dedicated to the massive industry.

“Its time for these celebrities, for these amazing talented individuals, including those who aspire to be Cosmetologists one day to have a place they can call home for Competitions, Showcase, Expo, Seminars and Networking. And that is why we have created the Cosmetology & Barber Convention/Expo of Central California”, said Perez.

Perez says he plans to follow in the footsteps of successful Expo events like the Ag, Food, Tattoo, Home, & Bridal Expos.

“This is the first of its kind as we will allow for Professionals, Students and Aspiring Cosmetologists and Barbers to attend. But most of all the general public. When you go to the Ag expo you might not know one thing about Ag, but you can enjoy some good food, good atmosphere and learn about the industry. That’s what I want to do with this event”, said Perez.

The Cosmetology & Barber Expo of Central California will be allowing for all High Schools students to enter the event free of charge and enter to win a Scholarship for those interested in the Cosmetology & Barber industry. 

Additionally the event will be the official home to the popular Central Valley Barber Battle including the introduction to new competitions for Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Nails & Lashes.

The Cosmetology & Barber Convention/Expo of Central California will take place on February 24 & 25, 2018 at the Big Fresno Fair’s Commerce Building from 10am-8pm. 

The event is scheduled to also feature Live Entertainment, Food & Full bar for the 21 +.

Vendor Booth space is available and spaces are $150 for 2 Days of Expo. For ticket information or to become a sponsor of the event call/text 559-362-4046.

Interested spectators, vendors and competitors can check out the event’s official instagram @cosmobarcc or #cosmobarcc

Check out Tentative Event Schedule CLICK HERE

Online Ticket Information CLICK HERE


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