“Spring into love competition”
Competition will commence at 5pm til 8pm Saturday February 23, 2019 at the Cosmetology & Barber Expo located indoors at the Big Fresno Fair in Fresno, CA. Judging will start at 8:15pm til 8:50 pm and winners will be announced at 9pm on main stage.**Winners will be announced on Saturday February 23 at 9pm and contestants must return Sunday February 24 at 6pm to redeem prize and be presented on main stage.

Competitors may submit more than one entry, but must pay a registration fee for each entry.
A 3-D Nail Art entry may be no taller than 1 inch in height.
The theme must be followed on all 10 nails. Theme: SPRING INTO LOVE
1. All work must be done at the competition.
2. All nail art must be made from professional nail products (colored liquid- and-powder acrylic, light-cured gel, wraps and resin, polish, rhinestones, etc.) brought with you to the expo. Bring all tools and supplies needed to complete entry. Electrical outlet and stations will be provided.
3. Embellishments or adornments may be used.
4. Top coat, UV gel sealant or glitter polish may be used.
5. Competitors may NOT use any copyrighted art, designs or logos.
6. Competitors must prepare and submit a written statement in two parts. One detailing the products and processes used to create the art and one telling the story of your interpretation of the theme. Do NOT name specific brands or manufacturers.
7. Display/Presentation: 10 tips must be securely fastened to your model, flat surface for the judging process.
8. Nails will be judged in the following categories: originality, visual interest, shape, color, design, dimension, overall impression, complexity, workmanship, detail and theme.

“Spring into love” Judging Criteria 2019

Judge 1—Teresa Choi
Originality – 10 Points
the design is innovative (new and original)
the design is unique (different from other designs)
Visual Interest – 10 Points
the design captures your attention the design holds your attention
Color – 10 Points
the colors enhance the design
the colors complement each other

Judge 2—Sin Savory
Design – 10 Points
the design enhances the theme
the design is well thought out
the design is complete and needs no improvement
Dimension – 10 Points
the artwork is obvious and within the guidelines 3-D rules (if 3D is used)
the dimension enhances the theme and is balanced
Complexity – 10 Points
the design is challenging, demanding skill and effort
the design involves multiple techniques
Workmanship – 10 Points
the overall quality of the work demonstrates outstanding artistic skills the workmanship is neat, clean and precise

Judge 3—Maggie Bryan
Detail – 10 Points
the detail of design is clear and crisp
the design is adequately detailed
Theme – 10 Points
the theme is obvious and completely developed the theme is continued on all 10 nails
the design enhances the theme
Overall Impression – 10 Points
this design makes an excellent overall impression
various elements of the design are well-balanced, neither too sparse or too busy
this design is complete and needs no improvement

Scoring Guide Scoring Guide
10 Flawless
9 Almost flawless 8 Very good
7 Good
6 Above average
5 Average
4 Below average 3 Poor
2 Very poor
1 Unacceptable

First place 🥇 $300 plus $150 gift from christrio
Second place 🥈 $125 plus $75 gift  from christrio
Third place 🥉 $75 plus $50 gift from christrio


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