Rules below the flyer…



Fastest Fade:  15 Minute Time Limit

Tightest Taper:  35 Minute Time Limit

Comb Over:  35-Minute Time Limit

Freestyle Cut: 35 Minute Time Limit – Anything Goes!

Kids Cut:  35 Minute Time Limit

Beard:   35 min time limit

Fade – 35 min time limit

Tag Team – 40 min Time limit


PLEASE NOTE: Competitors must be at least 16 years of age to enter. The competition fee includes a one-day exhibit hall entry for the competitor.  1 Model per battle. Each model will be $10 at the door.

Each competitor must have his or her own sanitized equipment:

  • Clippers
  • Trimmers
  • Razors
  • Brushes

Students will compete in same categories as professionals, however they will be judged & awarded in their own category.

Central Valley Barber Battle & J-Live Entertainment reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event.

No Refunds.



  1. All contestants must bring a live model and barbering tools in order to participate in competition. The competition fee includes a one-day exhibit hall entry for the competitor and model. Model numbers will be given to all participating models once confirmed and check in at registration area.
  2. All models hair must be cut at competition. Competitor is not allowed to cut, trim, shape or preset models hair before the competition begins. Semi permanent color, permanent color, light color sprays and chalks are allowed unless otherwise noted. Barber must show a transformation of the models hair. The judges will inspect models hair during pre-judging or during check in. Violation of this rule will result in the deduction of points and/or disqualification from competition.
  3. All contestants must check in at the registration area at least one hour prior to the battle. If contestant is late, they will forfeit their place in the competition and their paid entry fee or fees. Please look for “Check In” when you arrive at the battle.
  4. All contestants will have a specific time to complete their particular cut and style. Judging will be conducted on a visual basis only. Judges will use a point system on a scale of one (lowest possible score) to ten (highest possible score). If there is a tie in a category or prize placement, the judges will determine the final winner.

* All participants must be at the venue: Fresno Fairgrounds by 10am on Sunday February 24, 2019


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Nail Battle Rules
Date: February 24, 2019 
Time – 12pm 
Entry Fee per category – 25.00


Best Overall & Most Creative 
Battles allow for Manicurists & Nail technicians to utilize any style and be creative in a Freestyle competition. 


Cosmo Barber Expo nail competitions are open to all beauty professionals licensed, aspiring or qualified to perform nail services. Current students and beauty professionals from states or countries in which licensing is not required are also eligible to compete.

Models can have their Nails on already, just no color or creative on them until the competition.

Full set must be complete at time limit of 1 hour



********If you see something say something right then!

If you see something a competitor has done, that you feel is not according to the rules, you must tell us DURING THE SHOW/COMPETITION ONLY!*********

1. All work for each entry must be completed by the competitor registered for that competition. If Cosmo Barber Expo finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any cosmo barber expo or cosmo barber expo-run competition for the period of one year.

**All competitors must be responsible for receiving your winning trophies.  If you are international competitor or cannot make it to the award ceremony, please make arrangements for someone to accept your trophy and send it to you. Cosmo barber expo Competitions will not be responsible for shipping trophies to winners.

2.  ALL WORK MUST BE DONE ON SITE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.  No pre-done work is allowed, unless otherwise noted.  If cosmo barber expo finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any cosmo barber expo or cosmo barber expo-run competition for the period of one year.

3. Any competitor or model found not complying with the cosmo barber expo rules before, during or until the close of the show is subject to possible disqualification and/or point deduction. In the event disqualification occurs after awards and/or prizes, cash or otherwise, have been distributed, the disqualified contestant must return their trophy as well as any and all prizes to cosmo barber expo staff. He or she will also be prohibited to participate in any cosmo barber expo or cosmo barber expo-run competition for one year.

4. Competitors are responsible for making sure that they and their models understand and comply with the competition rules. Failure to comply may result in point deduction or disqualification at the discretion of the cosmo barber expo competition staff.

**4A.  Competitors may not post any of their competition work before the awards ceremony!  Any competitor found violating this rule will possibly be given a warning or even disqualified from that competition in which they posted their work.

5. Competitors must report at the scheduled report time to receive entry information. Late arrivals or entries may not be accepted. Nail art entries may be turned in by someone other than the competitor. Cosmo barber expo cannot be responsible for artwork turned in by someone other than the competitor.

6. Competitors must supply their own models when models are required. Models must be at least 18 years old, OR if a release is signed by the parents no younger than 14, AND one or both parent(s) or guardian is present.  Only live models may be used.

7. Competitors must supply ALL necessary products and supplies, including lamps and extension cords for each competition they enter, (unless otherwise noted). Products must be in labeled containers.

8.  At no time during a competition may models assist the competitor in any capacity.  Models may not blow dust, lick their nails at any time prior to being judged.  If a staff member asks the model to stop breaking these rules it will be at the discretion of the floor judge to disqualify the competitor for bad model behavior.

**9 Competitors must have all products they are going to use out on their work area, and all cases must be closed. After the competition has begun, competitors may not reach into the case without competition staff present.

10 Bowls containing marbles, stones or any objects are not allowed on or in working area at any time.

11 Any prohibited products or supplies found at a competitor’s workstation will be confiscated, and the competitor may be disqualified at the discretion of the cosmo barber expo competition staff. Products will be returned at conclusion of award ceremony, and then only by request.

12  Once the competition begins, competitors and/or models may NOT leave the competition area without the permission of the competition staff. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

13 When a competition ends, competitors must immediately stop working, and move away from their workstations as directed. Competitors are NOT allowed to touch their models again until after they have been judged. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

14 When a competition ends, models must stand and follow the instructions given by the competition staff. Models may NOT leave the competition area until excused by the competition staff.

15 During the judging process, models may NOT speak to other models or to the judges.

16  Models are NOT allowed to wear any jewelry on their hands, wrists or arms, including watches. Failure to comply will result in a deduction of 5 points in the category of overall.

17 Models are NOT permitted to move the judge’s curtain during the judging process.

18  Competitors are NOT allowed in or near the judging area at any time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

19 When directed, competitors must promptly clean their workstations and leave the competition area.

**20 Competitors are given 2 (two) chairs, one workstation

21 If at any time a competitor has an issue with the results or decisions of judges it is mandatory that it be discussed in a respectful manner.  If the competitor insists on acting disrespectful, it will be at the discretion of the judge to not allow that competitor to compete in any or all upcoming cosmo barber expo competitions.

22. The cosmo barber expo competition staff reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules.





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Cosmetology & Barber Expo 2019 – Preliminary Schedule

February 22-24, 2019 
Commercial Building – Big Fresno Fair – Fresno, CA 
Preliminary Schedule:
NEW! – On Friday February 22nd, we welcome you to get Glammed up and Slay the night in your best outfit for the first ever Cosmetology & Barber Awards of Central California. A unique Dinner/Awards show you will not want to miss. Stay tuned for more information on how you can vote for your favorite local professional. However even if your not nominated, this will be the night to network and dance all night to the sounds of your favorite music.
On Saturday February 23rd, we open the doors to our Cosmetology & Barber Expo of Central California and welcome you to enjoy our Expo and visit all of our Vendors. This day will feature Live On Stage Seminars, Private Classes, Special Appearances, and the return of our Lash, Nail, Make Up and Hair Competitions. (10am-4pm)
On Sunday February 24th, we welcome you back for Day 2 of the Cosmetology & Barber Expo of Central California. The very popular “Central Valley Barber Battle #8” event will take place on the main stage as we look for the most talented barbers around. Plus raffle prizes, more seminars, private classes and special appearances. We will close out the event giving away a Scholarship to an aspiring High School Student looking to one day join the world of the Cosmetology & Barbering Industry.
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Kings Fair Barber Battle 2018 – Important Information


NOTE: All competitions will take place on Sunday June 10, 2018 

Address: 801 S. 10th Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 

Sign Up Today! – 559-362-4046 or email

Pre-Sale Sign Up Fee for all competitions – $40.00 each category (Models are Free, 1 model per category)

Winners – (1st, 2nd, 3rd in each category)



*Kings Fair Barber Battle 

Featuring categories: Fastest Fade 15 min, Freestyle Design 30 min, Beard 30 min, Combover 30 min, Fade 30 min, Taper 30 min,

All Barbers must provide all necessary tools needed to compete.

Check in – 5PM

Competition Schedule: 

5pm-6pm – Beard & Combover

8pm – Fast Fade & Fade

9pm – Freestyle & Taper

10pm – Awards

All prizes will be provided by the Kings Fair in Hanford.

1 Chair for Model, Table Sharing, & Power will be provided.

Open to Non Licensed, Students & Professionals (each Judged separately)

30 Minute time limit for all categories. Battle is from 5pm- end at approx 10pm

Competition will take place outdoors in the Kings Fair Plaza. A very popular location of the fair. Thousands of people attend the fair each year so bring your business cards and flyers. Sunday is Cultural Day so make sure to give yourself extra time to arrive as parking and traffic will be heavy.

Models are FREE. Passes for Fair entry will be available at the Kings Fair office. Please park in Fair parking and then head into the Kings Fair office and they will have your name on the Barber Battle List. Only 1 model per category.

– If you have any questions please call/text 559-362-4046

 * All Listed Items are Subject To Change.

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2018 Barber Battles & 2019 #cosmobarcc SPECIAL

Barbers – Sign up for our Competition Special! If you sign up by September 28th. You will Compete at the #cosmobarcc Expo Feb 24, 2019 and you will receive FREE 2018 Competition passes to our Fresno Fair Battle 10/7/18. That’s 2 Battles for the price of 1!

Pick your Categories and you will get them for all of the Battles!

$40 per category (includes your model & fair admission) 

Categories: Fastest Fade 15 min, Freestyle Design 35 min, Beard 35 min, Combover 35 min, Fade 35 min, Taper 35 min,  Kid Cut 35 min, Tag Team 40 min

(Categories subject to change)

Text us 559-362-4046 or respond to this email.

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#cosmobarcc Schedule of Events


Powered by: Federico College


LOCATION: Commerce Building inside the Big Fresno Fair 1121 S Chance Ave. Fresno, CA

*Saturday FEB 24 10AM-8PM
10:30AM – Opening Ceremony & LIVE ENTERTAINMENT
11AM – Showcasing an Upstyle – Kathy Xiong
 12PM-1PM – BRAIDING WORKSHOP – Federico College
 1PM-2PM – ADAMME ARTISTRY – Makeup Performance
 2PM – FOREVER ADORED – Wax Presentation
 3PM -4PM – LIVE DEMO: MUD Makeup
 5PM-6:30PM – PRESENTATION – Barbers & Braiders United
 8PM – END
*Sunday FEB 25 10AM-8PM
 10:30AM – COMPETITION REGISTRATION/Live Entertainment
 11AM – Demonstration – Jason Johnson
Introductions HOST/DJ: DJ KAY RICH
 12:20PM – LIVE DEMO: MUD Makeup
 1:30PM-2:30PM – ADAMME ARTISTRY – Makeup Performance
 3:30PM – FOREVER ADORED – Lash Lift Service
 5:10PM – JUSTIN THOMAS – Haircutting Performance
 6:30PM – PRESENTATION – Barbers & Braiders United
 8PM – END
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