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Wake up Monday through Friday, 6am-10am with J-Live Entertainment’s own Joey Perez on the “Eggs Bacon and Joey Morning Show” broadcasting LIVE on 92.5FM in Kings County California or online at The show is also featured on a free app “kfun 92.5” which can be downloaded on your mobile device from any app store.

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EBJ TV – Aaron Brieno of Inspire California 

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EBJ TV – Managing District Attorney, County of Kings – Phil Esbenshade

EBJ TV – Comedian Eric Schwartz Takeover!

EBJ AD: Laporsha with Resource Lenders

EBJ AD: Physical Therapy Unlimited

ON THE PHONE: Dr. Golden – How to be a morning person

DRAMA: Joey’s thoughts on Dana White’s issues with Jason Aldean

IN STUDIO: Brian Anthony’s Week 5 NFL Picks: 

IN STUDIO: Barber Hot Sauce From Fresno County

ON THE PHONE: Midnight Run – Journey Cover Band

Postive Mental Attitude w/Amie : Changing a Bad Day into a positive & bullies 

Dr. Golden discusses Exercising too much & more

IN STUDIO: Bellator MMA Fighter Ricardo Vasquez 

Joey tells you how to get your Side Hustle on!

Sports w/ Brian Anthony UFC coming to Fresno, CA – Dec 9

Positive Mental Attitude w/Amie – Cop ties tie for Job interviewer

Dr. Golden discusses Air Quality 

Joey Interviews Comedian & Actress Paula Poundstone 9/20/17

Joey’s thoughts on Nicole Kidman kissing another man at the Emmys 9/19/17

Oly from Data Flo joins the show 9/20/17

September 14, 2017 – Eggs Bacon & Joey Morning Radio Show launching LIVE ON TV 9/19. READ OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE CLICK HERE

September 11, 2017 – Eggs Bacon & Joey Morning Show  is coming to TV! Yes it’s true!! We made it official this morning! #eggsbaconandjoey coming to TV starting next week September 19th on KJEO The Loop Channel 32.3 in Central California (Modesto to Bakersfield) plus worldwide on any mobile device or tablet or anywhere online at or … Special thank you to Cocola Broadcasting, Gary Cocola, Chris & Denise White, KFUN Radio for believing in us. Radio & TV!!! Simulcast!!! … once again….We are taking over Radio & TV Monday-Friday 6am-10am. Thank you for your support and loyalty!!! Stay tuned for more information on how you can watch LIVE!

BEST OF EGGS BACON & JOEY: Joey interview’s E! Network’s Hollywood Medium, Tyler Henry:

June 1, 2017 – BREAKING NEWS: The Eggs Bacon and Joey Morning Show will stay on KFUN 92.5FM through the summer of 2018. KFUN announced today that Season 3 of Eggs Bacon and Joey will premiere LIVE June 5, 2017. FULL STORY HERE